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DanYang Speedy Tools CO.,LTD was founded in 2000, located in Houxiang Town of Danyang City, Jiangsu province. Our company is near Tonggang Road. It takes us only half an hour from our factory to Shanghai &Nanjing expressway. It has good transport facilities.
We are professional manufacturer of all standards of cutting tools for metal, stone, wood, like TWIST DRILL, TAPER SHANK DRILL, STEP DRILL, COUNTERSINK, ENDMILL, CENTER DRILL, DIAMOND SAW BLADE, TCT SAW BALDE and other cutting tools. Our products sell well all over the country and exported especially to Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other countries and regions. We have strong technical expertise, rich experiences, complete testing equipment, excellent trustworthiness. We push the modern management, improve the production technical condition, strengthen the inspective skill, enhance the worker’s quality consciousness.
If you would like more information about us or about our products, our friendly sales team will be delighted to help you go to our contact page.

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Phone: +86 17715228875
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Phone: +86-13626266568

Email: Speedytools01@hotmail.com

Add:HouXiang Town, Danyang City, JiangSu Province

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